Week 1: Australia

I left Seattle on Monday morning and had the best 12 hour flight imaginable. I sat next to (and by “next to” I mean, there was an empty seat in between us. PTL) this lovely woman who was traveling to Taipei, Taiwan for her 45th college reunion. They had an EIGHT WEEK vacation planned that included Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia… jaw drop. Back to the flight… we had great food and I finally saw what the fuss over Wonder Woman was all about. I decided that maybe I would like action films if they always had an impressive woman saving the day. Also, I’m proud to announce that if I had been on the show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?  I could have won $250,000! Or at least that’s what the game on the plane said.

I had an eight hour layover in Taipei which started out a little overwhelming, but after eating Korean BBQ (I get hangry), I realized that this airport was amazing! They had free massage chairs, themed lounges including a library lounge with walls of books and a floral lounge with real flowers. There were also tons of these chairs that were in between sitting and laying, which is the sweet spot in an airport. I discovered that Hulu doesn’t work overseas and that Burger King is the same everywhere.

After another flight, I arrived in Brisbane just in time to get a latte and pay a ridiculous amount of money to get to my hotel. I spent the day exploring the area around where I was staying [Story Bridge, Captain Burke Park, Brisbane River]. I also realized that my first Workaway (a website that connects people who want to travel with people who need extra help and are willing to provide accommodation) location was 8 ½ hours away!! I may have misjudged the distance on the map, thinking it was probably a half hour bus ride…nope! I quickly learned that the ground transportation was unreliable due to flooding, so I booked a flight and headed back to the airport the next day.

Now, I am staying at Emu Park at a resort that feels like a mix between a hostel and a hotel. Basically, big groups of people come and stay for one night while on a tour of the East coast. My job, along with several other workawayers, is to clean the rooms in the morning and keep the common areas tidy. This takes about three hours, and the rest of the day we have to ourselves. It’s pretty fantastic. There is a cute little town (similar to Coulee City) where there is one grocery store, café, gas station, library and everything closes on Saturday. What…why? Who knows, but everyone and all their dogs come out on Sunday.

I will be here for a few more days and then travel further North for my next location. My main goal in Australia is to snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef, which is where I’m heading, and I can’t wait!


Also, now feels like an appropriate time to begin my list of items I have lost or forgotten somewhere:

-Eyeglass case

3 thoughts on “Week 1: Australia

  1. Sooooo Bad news: I found your ring smashed on the floor in our living room a few days ago 😦 looks like maybe it was on the ottoman and fell off and out of sight of whoever stepped on it.
    Good news: I tried to fix it!
    Bad news: Welding doesn’t come intuitively for me.
    Good news: sticking the handle of my toothbrush into both round parts turned it from a smashed oval back into those beautiful circles.
    Bad news: unsuccessful welding left burn marks on it, and did not reattach broken parts to each other. So I assumed you wouldn’t want it back, and started wearing it around since I liked its recently-aquired ‘rugged’ look.
    Good news: I have received 3 compliments on it in one afternoon. Loving my new ring! It doesn’t look like your style anymore, but if you want it when you return…I’ll think about it.


  2. Love your blog post. Thanks for the smile on my face thank won’t seem to go away. Love the saga of the lost ring. Thanks for the description of the Taipei airport. Wondering how I can arrange a layover there.


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