Week 4: My Lovelies

So, this may sound crazy, but I’m a little bored. Last week, I felt the need to settle down, but this week I am restless. This could be due to the constant rain and lack of car, but I’m ready to go on a wild adventure. Then I remind myself that this is my wild adventure. Thankfully, the other workers (my friends) are also getting restless and we’re planning a little weekend trip on our days off. Thank you Jesus! And, can I just say, that I really like these people. There are three others doing the same work for accommodation as me, and they are all so delightful I could eat them. I’m learning so much about different ways of living which is exactly what I wanted for this trip. I wish I could just put them in my backpack and bring them with me everywhere.

Despite the rain, I have still managed to go kayaking, see a turtle, step on a frog, clean gutters, and do at least 30 loads of laundry. What a life.

The retreat is fairly remote, so in order to go into the small town nearby you have to 1. hitchhike 2. walk (1.5 hours in 90 degree heat one way) 3. bum a bike off of a generous human, or 4. do a combination of these things. While walking towards a nearby hostel to bum a ride, a couple of us found these huge spider webs with oh so many spiders all living together (like a family, haha) between trees. It was insane and picture worthy, obviously.

Also, I finally got to go kayaking, which is my favorite. It wasn’t as easy as I had anticipated though. The waves were really rough where we started and I kept tipping over, then my (somewhat large) arse had difficulty fitting into the kayak. Now, I have a big butt, I will not deny this, but more often than not I fit into regular sized seats. But I could barely jam my king sized derriere into that stupid contraption. At one point, while far from the shore, I tried adjusting my swimsuit and ended up capsizing myself because I pulled the boat with me when I leaned. Ugh. All this to say, I have two large bruises on my hips and smile on my face.

I’m currently trying to decide what to do in the weeks to come. It had not occurred to me start planning, but I am getting the pressure from my friends. So, planning I must do. Any great ideas?

Lots of love.


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