Week 6: Snorkeling and Goodbyes

It’s happening. We’re leaving. Cue the tears, travel itineraries, and new adventures.

I have been at Sanctuary Retreat for one month and it has been (mostly) lovely. Summer is coming to Queensland and with it rain and thunderstorms. So, we are saying goodbye to this jungle paradise and heading south to more temperate weather. I’m going to be traveling with my new friend Judit who has been my roommate for the past three weeks. #shesthebest and she has a gopro, so win-win.Β  I’m going to be perfectly honest, we haven’t figured outΒ exactly where we are staying. So… backpacking adventures commence!

We all went snorkeling a few days ago on our day off. Turns out it was one of the worst days to head out – weather wise. Judit got sick, we were stung by jellyfish (not dangerous ones), and the water was cold. Whatever. We still had fun.

I’m feeling a little sentimental – endure it – here are my goodbyes.

First off, I have to mention the food. Wow, the food. Hazel is this amazing self-taught chef who made us dinner every night. I’m not talking about rice and beans, but multiple curries, salads, dressings, potatoes all in one evening. She catered to our vegan, vegetarian, gluten free diets every meal. She is boss and I am forever grateful for her kindness and leftovers.

I will miss Luna’s (Moon Goddess) secure hugs and wisdom, she made me feel grounded and further appreciate the uniqueness of all people. Lea (Pookie) has been the best housekeeping partner I could ask for. She is kind, hardworking, eats white chocolate with me, and will have serious conversations about the members of One Direction. I already miss Mathew’s (Mateo) random facts about everything from the length of blue whales to religious practices (how does he know so many things about so many things?) and his kind reassurances that everything would work out. I don’t, however, miss the farting and information about all things fart related. Judit (my Boo) is coming with me and I cant wait for all our adventures.

Finally, I will miss this jungle with its ginormous bugs and trees and waves and thunderstorms. I will miss long talks after dinner and long walks for drinks. Swimming and sunbathing and hiding from the Cassowary. And maybe someday I will come to miss the hills, mosquitos, and sweat dripping from my body every time I move. But not yet, yuck.

Time will tell what this next week will hold, I’m glad I’m not doing it alone.





4 thoughts on “Week 6: Snorkeling and Goodbyes

  1. I miss you!!! I’ve been watching Frasier and looking up Christmas decorations on Pinterest (consider this a cry for help). So glad you’re having all the adventures and getting all the sunshine because I know our grey skies would have you all kinds of bothered if you were here πŸ™‚ Mel, of course, misses you too! ❀

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  2. Hannah! I miss you too! And Christmas decorations on Pinterest…… sounds serious. Maybe talk to someone about this πŸ˜‰ Hope you are enjoying all the grey weather and Frasier (I do not consider that a cry for help, but good taste in TV shows). Congratulations on your new job and tell pup-a-lump I love her, and we can pretend she knows what that means.


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