Week 9: Strugglebussing

What a difficult week. I’m over it. I said goodbye to Judit, and stayed on the farm to continue pulling those damn weeds. May I just say, it was not nearly as fun without her. Remember that python I showed you last week? Well, I found it as I was pulling weeds in a deep flower bed. It scared me. I may have cried. Not in a “I’m so freaked out, I thought I was going to die” kind of way, but in a “I hate doing this on my own, why is no one here to freak out with me, and do I have to go back” kind of way. I also let out a chicken. Whatever. I did listen to an entire audio book (12 hours) while I worked though, so that was nice.

Fun fact: If you get your ear buds really dirty by, let’s say, pulling weeds for 25 hours, you can put them through a wash and dry cycle, accidentally, and they will still work and be pearly white again. Who knew?

This is about the time I expected to run out of money, and as it turns out, my calculations were spot on. Good job me? So, now I’m doing the whole “try not to panic and worry too much, but it’s already too late for that” thing. Well, I think I have a plan. If nothing else, I can always count on myself to come up with a couple different options. I do it while I’m just sitting around. People think I’m staring off into space, but my mind is calculating, estimating, reminding myself to think outside the box. There are solutions, they may not be what I had anticipated, or maybe they were exactly what I anticipated and I had just hoped something different would come up. Either way, my brain feels tired.

Also, Jude and I went to this place called Crystal Castle on our days off (before we separated). It kind of sounds like we got a divorce, we didn’t! We’re still friends. Anyways… Jude’s friend sent her a video of this cool place and it turned out that it was only 15 minutes away from the farm! How crazy is that? I’ll be honest, it wasn’t everything I had built it up to be in my mind, but it was still pretty cool. There were beautiful gardens and prayer/meditation walks scattered with big gemstones and sculptures. The best part may have been the chocolate coconut dessert though. It was like, whoa! Amazing. I’m not even kidding.

Well, Christmas is just around the corner. I have sent all my packages and cards, so if you’re lucky you may be getting something from me 😉 It doesn’t feel like Christmas here though, it’s summer! All my Christmas plans changed due to money stuff, so I’m feeling a little ambivalent about the whole thing. It’s weird that Christmas is happening like normal back home. It feels like people are posting throwback pictures on social media, as if everyone agreed to get all sentimental about winter at the same time. Well done y’all.

I’m glad this week is over and I can’t wait to celebrate tomorrow. Muah!

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