Week 10: So this is Christmas

Wow, what a turn around from last week! I left the farm, not knowing my plans past that evening, but ended up getting a job at the hostel I was staying at. Whoop! I also helped a woman who was remodeling her house by putting insulation in the attic and laying sod in her backyard. Talk about hot dirty jobs. Whoa. I don’t know if I have sweat that much since I tried to maintain my running workouts in Cambodia…insane.

As a result of working in the hostel, Judit and I got to celebrate Christmas together, which is what we were hoping for. A Christmas miracle!! Also, I happened to have the 25th off work (double miracle)!

Christmas day went something like this: lay on the beach, open presents, play in the water, take pictures, lay on the beach, eat lunch, play in the water, lay on the beach, read, watch thunder and lightning, eat cheesecake. If I can’t have a snowy Christmas at home with my family, I choose this! Christmas Eve we got all dressed up and went out for a nice dinner. I don’t have any great photos to prove how fabulous we looked, but it’s true. We were stunning!

I expect to be in Byron Bay for the next month, until it’s time for me to leave Australia. It’s a really fun town, full of backpackers and beachy goodness. I have to admit, sometimes I feel a little ridiculous here. Maybe if I was 22… but like a wild version of me at 22 because lets be honest, I was probably more reserved and responsible then than I am now. Either way, I feel a little out of place. So, I’m trying to embrace my inner sorority girl, even she rolls her eyes at me though.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! Thank you for all the love notes, they mean the world to me.

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