Week 11: New Year, Say “Yes”

HAPPY 2018!!!

I’ve started to settle into hostel life and even find it enjoyable most of the time. Judit and I have said our goodbyes (insert tears and a heartfelt farewell speech about how she has been a huge highlight during my trip, and I’m so grateful for her genuine friendship, laughter, and impressive ability to swim like a mermaid. kiss kiss) and now she is home in Spain. Most days, I work in the mornings and early afternoon, after I’ve had my… wait for it… free latte!! What?! I probably love that more than the free accommodation. I started clapping and cheering like I had just been randomly selected to get free coffee for life when I found out. Also, it’s shocking how much free food you get when staying with travelers. People buy things like butter, milk, and rice, but can’t finish them all before they move on. So, they leave what they didn’t use on a shelf, and it’s free game for whoever wants it. Tonight, I ate a dinner completely comprised of food I snatched from the shelf. What a life I am living. After work, I eat a late lunch and then head to the beach. I will either walk a couple miles and hang out at a bird sanctuary or plop down right in the main beach and read my book. I don’t hate it.

New Year’s Eve happened, mine started out a little rough. I was tired from working and didn’t feel like going out with anybody. I ended up taking a nap to loud music and people yelling outside my molten lava room with no airflow. It was real good. When I woke up I gave myself a serious pep talk, got ready, and went out. I ate dinner by the beach and watched these people twirl flaming baton things. A random person came and sat next to me and just started talking – best thing that could have happened. Turns out he was super fun and taught me how to body surf at 1:00 A.M. What better time to learn? Don’t think I wasn’t imagining the opening scene from Jaws though…. duh na, duh na. I’ve seen the movie, I know I would be the one who gets eaten.

I also decided on my New Years resolution! I love making resolutions. Last year I resolved to be a little more rebellious, which was fun and angry and a little freeing. This year I am resolving to say “yes” more. Has anyone seen the tv show Grace and Frankie? Watch it, you’ll laugh, or maybe you’ll hate it. Well, the main characters have a “say yes” night, where they have to say “yes” to everything asked of them. (Judit and I did this her last night here, it was fun. I may have cheated a little.) This has inspired me to say “yes” to more in my life. I tend to be quite cautious, despite the fact that I’m traveling by myself with very little. Even my NYE friend called me out on this after knowing me for less than two hours. Ugh.

So, here’s to 2018 and saying, “yes.”


4 thoughts on “Week 11: New Year, Say “Yes”

  1. Awe, the journey is such an adventure and some unsettling. You take good care of yourself and enjoy the moments. Know you are loved and we are all doing this with you! God be with you!

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  2. Happy 2018 my boo. I miss you almost more than the heat (it’s being a struggle to write this with my frozen fingers).
    Thank you for your words and now listen mines. You are doing great. I don’t know if everybody understands what travel alone means but I do, and it’s great, but can be tough, too. So I want you to remember that you rock baby, never forget it. And from your Frankie’s inner voice, I couldn’t agree more with yout say yes resolution šŸ˜˜

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