Week 14: New Zealand

I’m in New Zealand! Whoop whoop! And my dear friend Jenny is with me! This week has been full of laughter, tears (mostly mine), and nearly constant singing. Seriously. One of the first things we did was create a playlist of songs we like to sing together, mixed with our new favorite songs that we want the other to hear. Singing together is one of my favorite things about our friendship. We intermittently start cracking up and then pick back up where we left off, which makes us laugh even harder. Sometimes we intentionally sing off key, and man can that woman harmonize, mmm. There aren’t many people I have met who like to sing as often as I do, but Jenny Wanty is one of them. God bless you Penny.

After a couple ferry rides to a remote hostel, that was practically a woodland fairy resort (with a free mussel feast!), we rented a car and started traveling down the southern island. I couldn’t even begin to count the flocks of sheep we have seen, let alone the individual sheep. Hundreds, thousands, and of course we say hello in both languages. Also, the landscape is so diverse! In one day we traveled through blistering hot sun on a beach, to torrential down poor in a rainforest, to windy plains at the base of glacial mountains. How is that possible in four hours?

This week has been exceptionally emotional for me in good and horrible ways. It’s been a month since I have had a good friend to talk to and everything I have been thinking and feeling in the past few weeks came flooding to the surface. My body has been exhausted and sick all week. It’s amazing the memories our bodies hold. It felt like I was finally safe (and by “safe” I don’t mean free from danger, but with someone I trust and having privacy to speak freely) enough to process some of the experiences I have had, and it was, capital “D”, Draining. Also, my card was temporarily shut off…neat. (Narrator: it was not neat.) Thankfully, Jennifer is a champ and let’s me feel all the feelings without judgement. It has been such a treat to actually be on vacation during this time as well. I’m loving all the down time and staying somewhere where I don’t have to clean the toilets or gutters. Living large.

I plan to be in New Zealand for another month, and JWay leaves in a couple days, so we’ll see what adventures the next few weeks hold.


2 thoughts on “Week 14: New Zealand

  1. I’m so glad you have Jenny there with you!!! I wish I knew her – she sounds like a divine human. I miss you deeply and wish I was so much closer to support you. Sing and cry and wander your days through!

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