Week 15: Uncertainty

Well, my trip is coming to a close earlier than I had hoped. Sad day. Despite all my best efforts I have run out of funds. I knew this was likely to happen, but hoped something would change. Of course, I want of continue in the future, but for now its not possible and I’m disappointed. I’ve learned a lot though, and I know some things I would do differently if I did it again. I’m not 100% sure what I’ll do when I get back to the states, but I am excited to roll around in the snow. I have missed it dearly.

This week has been a lot of me holding my breath, talking to a lot of people, and sending a lot of emails. I’ve also had the lovely privilege of spending the last four nights in a room of seven men I didn’t know. Interesting, awkward, smelly, but not horrible. The room was always quiet and there was air conditioning… so, pros and cons.

I think that’s something I’ve been reminded of most on my travels, everything has pros and cons. Maybe where I am staying there is shit food, but incredible wifi. Or amazing beaches, but no close friends. The job I am doing or the shift I was asked to take has certain perks and downfalls that the other job didn’t have, like you get chocolate cake, but you have to clean toilets. And when I’m home it will be cold and dark, but I’ll have a comfortable bed to sleep in and good friends. Most things are not all good or all bad, they just are, and you adjust to whatever circumstance you are in.

I have had so much fun traveling around the past few months, and have accomplished goals that I thought were so unlikely to happen. I’m grateful for my adventures and look forward to more at home. Thanks for the love and support. Also, shoutout to my parents for bailing me out of money jail πŸ˜‰