Camping: By Thyself

Occasionally, I like to go camping by myself. Sometimes it goes really well, other times... not so much. Over Easter weekend I went camping at Deception Pass State Park, and it went... alright (said in a high pitched, reassuring voice). The park was beautiful, like anyone who has ever been there will tell you. The … Continue reading Camping: By Thyself

Cartwheels: That Childhood Everest

So, I am an averagely athletic person. I played sports in middle school and high school, I run and hike and swim, I do yoga and lift weights and all the typical pacific northwest activities, but I have never been able to do a cartwheel. I'm sure I tried when I was younger, but have … Continue reading Cartwheels: That Childhood Everest

Week 14: New Zealand

I'm in New Zealand! Whoop whoop! And my dear friend Jenny is with me! This week has been full of laughter, tears (mostly mine), and nearly constant singing. Seriously. One of the first things we did was create a playlist of songs we like to sing together, mixed with our new favorite songs that we … Continue reading Week 14: New Zealand

Week 11: New Year, Say “Yes”

HAPPY 2018!!! I've started to settle into hostel life and even find it enjoyable most of the time. Judit and I have said our goodbyes (insert tears and a heartfelt farewell speech about how she has been a huge highlight during my trip, and I'm so grateful for her genuine friendship, laughter, and impressive ability … Continue reading Week 11: New Year, Say “Yes”

Week 10: So this is Christmas

Wow, what a turn around from last week! I left the farm, not knowing my plans past that evening, but ended up getting a job at the hostel I was staying at. Whoop! I also helped a woman who was remodeling her house by putting insulation in the attic and laying sod in her backyard. … Continue reading Week 10: So this is Christmas

Week 9: Strugglebussing

What a difficult week. I'm over it. I said goodbye to Judit, and stayed on the farm to continue pulling those damn weeds. May I just say, it was not nearly as fun without her. Remember that python I showed you last week? Well, I found it as I was pulling weeds in a deep … Continue reading Week 9: Strugglebussing

Week 8: Hinterland

When Owen (the calm, kind, mountain man who supervises us) came and asked if we wanted to see a snake (in about the same tone as one would invite someone else to look at a pile of dirt) I thought, "Sure, I haven't seen a snake in Australia yet." We followed him to the garden and then boom!