Week 11: New Year, Say “Yes”

HAPPY 2018!!! I've started to settle into hostel life and even find it enjoyable most of the time. Judit and I have said our goodbyes (insert tears and a heartfelt farewell speech about how she has been a huge highlight during my trip, and I'm so grateful for her genuine friendship, laughter, and impressive ability … Continue reading Week 11: New Year, Say “Yes”

Week 10: So this is Christmas

Wow, what a turn around from last week! I left the farm, not knowing my plans past that evening, but ended up getting a job at the hostel I was staying at. Whoop! I also helped a woman who was remodeling her house by putting insulation in the attic and laying sod in her backyard. … Continue reading Week 10: So this is Christmas

Week 7: Transitions

This week has been full of changes and adjusting to new circumstances. We said goodbye to Sanctuary and traveled up north to a town called Cairns (party!!). Three days was enough. Also, getting to know one another in a new environment can be challenging. Suddenly, you are out of the routine and familiarity of where … Continue reading Week 7: Transitions

Week 3: Retreat

I’m staying at this place that has huts and rainforest and beaches, and I’m a little sad I’m missing the snow at home. It’s been three weeks and this place is glorious, but I’m tired of moving around. I’m ready to settle and be good at something. It’s taxing for me to keep learning new … Continue reading Week 3: Retreat