Week 8: Hinterland

When Owen (the calm, kind, mountain man who supervises us) came and asked if we wanted to see a snake (in about the same tone as one would invite someone else to look at a pile of dirt) I thought, "Sure, I haven't seen a snake in Australia yet." We followed him to the garden and then boom!

Week 6: Snorkeling and Goodbyes

It's happening. We're leaving. Cue the tears, travel itineraries, and new adventures. I have been at Sanctuary Retreat for one month and it has been (mostly) lovely. Summer is coming to Queensland and with it rain and thunderstorms. So, we are saying goodbye to this jungle paradise and heading south to more temperate weather. I'm … Continue reading Week 6: Snorkeling and Goodbyes

Week 3: Retreat

I’m staying at this place that has huts and rainforest and beaches, and I’m a little sad I’m missing the snow at home. It’s been three weeks and this place is glorious, but I’m tired of moving around. I’m ready to settle and be good at something. It’s taxing for me to keep learning new … Continue reading Week 3: Retreat

A Short Tale About Showering

Some days you go to the beach. You walk along the shaded trail, surrounded by trees and brush. You hear birds singing, celebrating the warm day after a rain-filled week. Suddenly, the trees clear and the skies open; before you is the golden glow of a sandy beach being caressed by gentle ocean waves. Ahh… … Continue reading A Short Tale About Showering