Week 11: New Year, Say “Yes”

HAPPY 2018!!! I've started to settle into hostel life and even find it enjoyable most of the time. Judit and I have said our goodbyes (insert tears and a heartfelt farewell speech about how she has been a huge highlight during my trip, and I'm so grateful for her genuine friendship, laughter, and impressive ability … Continue reading Week 11: New Year, Say “Yes”

Week 10: So this is Christmas

Wow, what a turn around from last week! I left the farm, not knowing my plans past that evening, but ended up getting a job at the hostel I was staying at. Whoop! I also helped a woman who was remodeling her house by putting insulation in the attic and laying sod in her backyard. … Continue reading Week 10: So this is Christmas

Week 8: Hinterland

When Owen (the calm, kind, mountain man who supervises us) came and asked if we wanted to see a snake (in about the same tone as one would invite someone else to look at a pile of dirt) I thought, "Sure, I haven't seen a snake in Australia yet." We followed him to the garden and then boom!